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Modifications made:

  • 11/2004 - Created
  • 12/2004 - Fix _draw_js_stock_array to prevent error when all attribute combinations are out of stock.
  • 09/2009 oscim correction xhtml, delete table for list, adaptation oscss
  • 09/2010 refonte partiel , re develop code, and delete class enfants

QT Pro Product Attributes Display Plugin

pad_base.php - Base Class

Class Name: pad_base

This base class, although functional, is not intended to be installed and used directly. It is extended by other classes to provide different display options for product attributes on the product information page (product_info.php).


  • pad_base constructor
  • _SetConfigurationProperties set local properties from DB config constants
  • draw draw the product attributes
  • _draw_table_start draw start of the table to enclose the attributes display
  • _draw__attributes draw attributes
  • _draw_table_end draw end of the table to enclose the attributes display
  • _draw_js_stock_array draw a Javascript array of in stock attribute combinations
  • _build_attributes_array build an array of the attributes for the product
  • _build_attributes_combinations build an array of the attribute combinations for the product


  • products_id the product id for attribute display
  • products_tax_class_id the products tax class id
  • show_out_of_stock show out of stock attributes flag
  • mark_out_of_stock mark out of stock attributes flag
  • out_of_stock_msgline show out of stock message line flag
  • no_add_out_of_stock prevent add to cart of out of stock attributes combinations